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This time it’s all about you.

Fit2Me is a FREE custom fit support program that’s all about you! You tell us about the food and activities you like, and Fit2Me will customize a plan just for you and your health conditions!

We Support: Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides, and Heart Attack.

Let’s do it. Let’s have fun.
From 10,000+ delicious recipes to tools and your Personal Recipe File, Fit2Me puts your food plan in your hand.
Tell Fit2Me about your favorite activities so you can stay active no matter how you choose to move.

Type 2 Diabetes

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

High Triglycerides

Heart Disease

Interactive tools can help you create a Personal Information Kit for talking with your doctor
Interactive tools can help you create
useful reminders to keep you on plan and tracking for your A1C or blood glucose.
Choose a digital coach who’s with you every step of the way as you earn points and stay motivated

Fit2Me… what’s in it for YOU?

Your customized plan is created around the choices that work best for you. For your food plan, you pick the ingredients, cuisines, and recipes you like. Your activity plan is based on your favorite activities and your activity level. Your plan will give you things like the “trade-off” between activity needed and the calories in what you’re planning to eat. It’s all stored in your personal “file” to access any time. And whether you prefer a printout or viewing on your mobile or tablet device, you can hold your plan in your hand.

Let’s Get Started!